WVBHS Campaign


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A campaign to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS has been approved by the WVBHS Board of Directors with a part to be used for present needs and a pat for endowment from which to draw annually finds for ongoing needs.

It is imperative that we have a major increase in financial support for the following:

  • Increased Space to adequately display and store our accessions
  • Part Time Paid Staff to make the collection more readily available to researchers and visitors
  • Conversion of many items to electronic files to prevent loss from deteriorating paper and to be more readily available to researchers
  • Costly Supplies including acid containers, climate controlled heating and cooling systems, fire protection, and the maintaining and replacement of copiers, computers, etc.

This huge endeavor can only be successful as INDIVIDUALS, CHURCHES, & FOUNDATIONS step up to support our efforts, some with large gifts and others according to their more limited means.

The WVBHS exists to collect, preserve, and make available to see and research Baptist history in West Virginia.  This FIRST TIME state-wide financial campaign by the WVBHS is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to invest in West Virginia Baptist History for present and future generations to be inspired and challenged by many who witnessed for Christ before us.

Please make your one-time or three year commitment gift to

  • Sally O. Cyrus WVBHS Treasurer
  • 373 Bradley Foster Drive
  • Huntington, WV 25701- 9451.

Make checks payable to “WVBHS Campaign”