A snapshot into Our Archives:

The WVBHS collection emphasizes the history of Baptist ministers, missionaries, lay people, churches, associations, and conventions in West Virginia.  Much of the materials originated from Dr. C.S. Donnelly’s library- one of the best private history collections in the state.  Original documents, records, and books in the WVBHS archives are segmented into three categories:

Baptist Beginnings

  • A History of Baptists by William Cathcart
  • History of Baptists by David Benedict
  • History of Baptists by Robert Torbet
  • Baptist Ministerial Directory by George W. Lasher
  • Biographies of Roger Williams, William Carey, the Judsons and others

Virginia Baptists

  • God’s Stories (illustrated history of Virginia Baptists) by Fred Anderson
  • Seven volumes of Virginia Baptist Ministers 1760-1790 by William S. Simpson
  • History of the Rise and Fall of the Baptists in Virginia by Robert Semple
  • Two volumes of Virginia Baptist Ministers by James B. Taylor

West Virginia Baptists

  • Baptist newspapers from 1869-1909 and Baptist Banner beginning in 1909
  • West Virginia Baptist Annuals and Association Records
  • Files on ministers, missionaries, churches, lay people, AB Women, AB Men, Education Society, Youth, and Cowen Activities.
  • Mission artifacts and church plates
  • Autographed writings of Ann & Adoniram Judson, William Carey, Phillips Brooks, D.L. Moody, and others.

General Inventory Items

Auxiliary Groups, ie., ABWM, ABM, BYF, Ed. Soc.

Association Records

Historical information on individual Baptist churches in West Virginia.

Information on pastors (past & present) of Baptist churches in West Virginia.

Files on Baptist Lay People and their work in West Virginia.

History & pictures of WV Baptist Camp at Cowen and Parchment Valley Conference Center near Ripley.

History of Baptist Missionaries from West Virginia.

History of African American Baptist churches in West Virginia

Early Baptist Beginnings

Baptist Hymnology

Early Publications which include “The Baptist Banner” and “The West Virginia Baptist.”

Baptist Schools in West Virginia


You are invited to visit the Library or the Archival display area in the American Baptist Conference Center at Parchment Valley near Ripley, West Virginia.

Your visit requires prior arrangements with David Sneed, President of WVBHS at 304-574-9018


our Archivist Carol Vandevender at


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